The Devil's Autumn

by Little Sap Dungeon



"Originally, I had set out on a vision to make a Halloween themed album. Something that could really touch on the mood and nostalgia of the Autumn season. I can identify most with the horror movies and relentlessly watching all my favorites throughout the season. Anything John Carpenter was at the top of the list. Not just for the great horror flick but the dark and sinister electronic music composed by Carpenter and Howarth. I would also harken back to certain artists/albums that would be on repeat in my car stereo from the beginning of Fall until almost the end of Winter: Skinny Puppy - Last Rights, Scorn - Colossus, Coil - Love's Secret Domain, Leaether Strip - Underneath the Laughter, etc. There were more but those were definitely the most prominent. In 2014 I had set out to create an album that could harness and capture certain aspects of sound and influence from everyone aforementioned. It felt like it was working and then I started to lose drive and momentum because these people are masters in their own sound. I can't copy it nor manipulate it enough to where I can rightfully call it mine. So.... I gave up. Every musician has an edge. Every musician has influences that they take pointers from. I guess I got so obsessed with being too precise because I had a battle in my brain saying "that's not how they sound... it has to sound more like them" and then "that's not how I sound... I have to sound more like me." Nonetheless, they are good tracks. I was hesitant at releasing them. Chris and I worked fairly hard on this material. I know that it's basically an EP but it's short and sweet. This album is truly dedicated to the masters. They might get annoyed that there are so many copycats out there trying to mimic their sound but they really should give praise to the musicians that are just trying to keep their sound alive. It's a legacy we all share as musicians. I mean... what the fuck.... everything is turning into a repeat anyways. It's not our fault if they had a chance to do all the cool shit before the next generation. Enough said! Enjoy!"

~ Kevin J. Cazier


released October 1, 2016

Cazier: Programming, Synths, Vox, Samples
Alvarado: Dark Ambience, Drones, Noises

Cover Design: Cazier
Mixed & Mastered: Cazier



all rights reserved


Little Sap Dungeon Salt Lake City, Utah

An enigmatic soundscape of cold, abrasive patterns within thick walls of bone-chilling ambience and subliminal sampling -- a musical playground for a dark imagination.

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